Vegan Product Review

** I was not financially compensated for purchasing the products below. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Namaste and Happy Monday! There are a few vegan products I have been using for several months now.  I’ve been liking it so I thought I would review it for you today!

Maui Moisture (340 g/12 oz, Curl Smoothie for Curly Hair)


Price: below $10

Purchased from: Walmart Canada

Pros: My hair is thick, curly and uncontrollable. Especially for the fall and winter months I was looking for a leave in product that would keep my hair in place and my curls…..well, curly and not frizzy! I was quite happy to find this product in Walmart!  It has a pleasant light fruity scent. I find it works best for me when I mix a little of this with some water (or in wet hair).

Cons: It can get greasy after using it for several days. It takes me about three days of use before I have to wash my hair.


Everyone Lotion Coconut + Lemon (946 mL/32 fl oz) 3in1 face, hands, body lotion)


Price: below $20

Purchased from: Walmart Canada

Pros: My skin gets really dry! My hands are so dry by the end of the day because of repeated washing and sanitizer. I wanted a big bottle of moisturizer that I could use daily on my hands, feet and other parts of my body. I use it just before sleeping, I wake up in the morning and my hands and feet are quite soft! Love the bottle and the pump.

Cons: Not a fan of this particular scent.


InfiniteAloe Skin Care (2 large + 6 mini + samples)


Price: $99

Purchased from: Costco Canada

Pros: Hubby and I were looking for some facial skin creams and we came across this wonderful (albeit expensive) aloe skin cream. I was hesitant at first because of the price. The price includes two large tubs of cream (scented and unscented) and 6 tiny travel creams (3 scented and 3 unscented), plus samples. The travel creams are quite helpful because we do fly around a lot. My previous sweet almond oil was difficult to carry around with me when I flew and leaked a lot. I’ve been using this for my face for the past almost 2 weeks and my Husband has noticed that my face is much smoother (less small pimples noted). Lasts a long time on my face! I use the scented cream and it’s quite fresh and pleasant – the scent is comparable to Nivea Soft facial cream.

Samples – anti-aging formula, microdermabrasion cream, InfiniteAloe Scrub

Cons: Expensive


Vegan Leather Professional Handbag (? No name)


Price: $35

Purchased from: Winners

ProsI feel sheepish about telling you this. I bought this bag and cut off the labels immediately to use it for a resident social event and did not think twice about saving the tag. My Bad! If you do end up visiting Winners, there are so many bags there with the Vegan label on it. I pay attention to 1) the vegan label 2) the look 3) the price.

I love bags! I have fun bags, small bags, colourful bags etc. none that are brand name really. I wanted one that looked professional enough to carry with me to interviews and to take to work on a regular basis. It should be able to fit important items (steth, notebook, small reference book, pens, cell phone, purse etc.) and most importantly easy to wipe with sanitization wipes.

I love it because it has a nice look to it, really cute button feet, roomy inside, easy to carry (with additional strap), and I felt I bought it at a great price for a vegan bag!

Cons: I cannot think of any cons really, other than the brand name not being stamped on the bag anywhere…but that’s ok by me 🙂



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