Coffee date blog post

Hi everyone!

Let’s chat over some coffee (or tea)! As we sit on a comfy couch let me tell you about my week…

Many people in British Columbia have fled their homes because of raging forest fires. 😦 I pray for them and their families, their health and hope they return home soon. I cannot imagine how devastating it must be!

The clinic is busy! I am getting to see more patients and perform more procedures independently. I am able to communicate with my attending dx, tx, mx more confidently. I thank the recent exam I took increased my confidence.

Latest Indian tune I have on repeat!

My hubby will be moving over by the end of the month. I am anxious, nervous and excited all at the same time! We have been long distance for over 2000 DAYS (5+ years)! It is going to be SO weird knowing that this is not just a weekend visit or a week-long visit. I cannot wait ❤


I show you pictures of these purple flowers, lavender I think! They are beautiful and growing around the city! I clicked this pic next to the clinic.


I tell you about my new face care products….I am pretty strict about what I use. I’m in my 30s now!! Skin care is important!! 🙂 I usually keep it clean and hydrated with sweet almond oil. The makeup I use day to day is Colourpop’s black eyeliner and lipstick (that too rarely). I don’t have time for layers of makeup, honestly, I don’t have the patience.

Since the summer began I found that sweet almond oil might not be good for my face with the sun exposure, so I switched to Alba Botanica‘s facial sunscreen lotion. It is not greasy and a little goes a long way! The only thing I don’t like is that when you squeeze the tube a LOT of product comes flying out, so be careful with that.

I am in love with their facial cleanser! I have been using this every night before I sleep. It is gentle and my skin feels quite fresh after use. Make sure to hydrate your skin after, it is a bit drying. I massage sweet almond oil into my facial skin at night before sleeping.


I show you my latest paint project! Painting roses are/is not easy! I thought it would turn out to be a blob 🙂 Not yet done though…


Some recent Netflix shows I enjoyed watching (trailers added): Southside with you (sweet movie about Mr. & Mrs. Obamas’ first date), Gypsy, Snowden, Queen of the South (so addictive!!), Vacation (hilarious and silly!!)

That’s it for now!! What have you been upto? 🙂


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  1. Aww, so happy for you that your husband will be close soon! :]! + glad you’re getting more comfortable at clinic! I’m slowwwly getting more confident with everything too.

    Alba Botanica is one of my favorite brands! ❤

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    1. One of the things I am not comfy with though is when I go from clinic to clinic and they use diff EMR software :/ it’s so embarrassing when I print out like 5 repeats of the same medication refill ughhh


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