Katzie Marsh Loop – Pitt Addington Marsh

Hi everyone, Hubby, I and my best friend went walking along the beautiful Katzie Marsh Loop today. I couldn't believe this beauty was just a 45 min drive from home! Nothing strenuous, it was a pleasant 6.5 km walk. We expected it to be sunny and warm but instead it was drizzling, cloudy and slightly... Continue Reading →

A little plant crazy!

Namaste and Happy Monday! My Mother's plant gene that I never thought I acquired, has unexpectedly 'turned on' in me. I dedicate this post to my Mother 🙂 Amma, all those years I just didn't understand it, I am sorry. I certainly get it now. ❤ What is it that I like...no, love? The beauty... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Coffee Date!

Namaste everyone, Have some coffee or tea with me and let's catch up 🙂 ---> My exam is done, my CaRMS applications are in and.....well I feel lost as to what to do next, have you ever felt that way before? It has been go! go! go! When big things get done and then you... Continue Reading →

My weekend in pictures.

Namaste, here is my weekend in pictures....<3 Now that Hubby is here with me, I get hot frothy delicious coffee while studying.... Flowers in bloom and drenched in rain water... We walk/run in beautiful nearby parks. The photos below are from Bear Creek Park, not too far away from where we live...we finally had rain... Continue Reading →

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