Vegan Chocolate Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli Pudding)

Hello everyone! For #Choctoberfest here is another Indian sweet recipe that I have veganized and chocolatized! I love when my Mom makes semiya payasam (vermicelli pudding) at home for special occasions like festivals, birthdays and such! So I thought it would be interesting for me to take Mom's recipe and give it a bit of... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Spice Appam/Adai

Hi everyone! Here is my first recipe for #Choctoberfest! I decided that I was going to give an original South Indian sweet recipe a twist. I took on the challenge to veganize and add chocolate to it! Appam/Adai is a South Indian sweet that is made at home during various festivals. Appam and Adai in... Continue Reading →

Choctoberfest 2019!

Hi everyone! Long time no see! In between taking care of Baby A (who is 4 months now, wow time flies!!) and residency application season I am really excited to participate for the first time in Choctoberfest 2019! I will be making three sweet vegan recipes that involve me using chocolate! Hint: there will be some unique... Continue Reading →

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