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October 2020

Internal Medicine

August 2020

Family Medicine – first month

June 2020

My thoughts after completing PRP2

FAQ Part 2 – including PRP1

May 2020

FAQ Part 1

March 2020

Matched into family medicine!

July 2018

What Exams to Take Before Applying for CaRMS

June 2018

My Frustrations and How I Keep Motivated

April 2018


March 2018

Disappointing Match Day

January 2018

IMG Match Success Stories

December 2017

Don’t give up!

November 2017

Wednesday Coffee Date

October 2017

IMGs Trying to Match into Canada

Friday Night Blog Post!

September 2017

Happy Weekend!

August 2017

Adventures as a Medical Simulation Specialist – Part 3

Medical Volunteer & Clinical research experience – Part 2

July 2017

Upcoming Residency Match Season – Part 1

May 2017

Breaking Bad News

Tactile fremitus

TEDRx Talk

BC Clinical Assessment Program

April 2017

Osteopenia, Osteoporosis, T- and Z-scores

Prenatal exams

More prenatal review

Compassionate doctor

March 2017

Priceless Advice

Developmental Milestones

Heart Murmurs

Patients, podcasts, websites, oh my!

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