Marriage and parenting during residency

"How do you do it??" - a question I have been asked numerous times since starting residency. It is all very amazing - and exhausting. My intention is not to make this a rant-post filled with complaints about my life? I don't know, we'll see how this unfolds. Typical Work Day Hubby, baby and I... Continue Reading →

Baby Freebies

Hi everyone! I have compiled a list of items I received for free before I had my baby. Stocking up on these items have been quite helpful and useful after baby A arrived! Get Free Samples (Canada-specific) Online: Pampers Online:¬† I received boxes of Huggies diapers, wet wipes and coupons! I would sign up... Continue Reading →

Life as a New Mom – Part 1

Good afternoon everyone! Life has taken me on a roller coaster of emotions! It has been three¬†five weeks since I became a Mom to adorable baby boy "A"! These past few weeks have been quite a blur. I started typing this post when he was three weeks old and finally get the time now (...interest... Continue Reading →

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