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Hi everyone!

Welcome to my humble online abode!

My name is Vidya. I grew up in Ontario, Canada and attended medical school in Poland. I am married, I became a mother in 2019 and was just recently accepted into a medical residency program in an amazing Canadian family medicine program! I will be beginning my PGY1 year in July 2020.


My journey to match into a residency program was filled with many twists and turns but I finally got in! On my blog I share with you, details about the joys and struggles of my career in medicine, marriage, parenting and new adventures! Every now and then I dabble in the kitchen and you will also see vegan recipes. 

In the near future I look forward to making my site geared towards medicine-related posts and advice for CSAs/IMGs on how to match into residency in Canada. My site is always a work in progress

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Peace, love and happiness always!

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