Friday – Catch up with me!

Hello everyone!

Grab yourselves a cup of coffee or tea and let’s catch up!


–> We’re already half way through February 2021! Can you believe how fast time is flying by? How did you celebrate New Years? Did you make any New Years resolutions – are you still following them? :))

–> No New Years resolutions for me. I gave them up a long time ago because I was never consistent after 2-3 weeks. This year we celebrated New Years at home with my family. My parents & brother are a part of our “circle”. We put baby to bed and played a board game called carrom/carroms – so much fun!! This game originated in India in the 18th century. 4 people can play this game (as seen in image below). You have a large plastic striker, wooden coins that are white and black in colour and a pink coin(the queen) holding the most points and needs to pocketed to win the game. “The basic objective of carrom is to use the striker with a flick of the finger to drive the carrommen into any of the four corner pockets.” Taken from this Tutorial.

By Simionescu Victor – Own work

–> Pictures from some afternoon walks.

Can you identify these creatures? :))

-> QUO Beauty makeup! I came across this when I was at Shopper’s Drug Mart! Super excited about this colour, vegan and has not been tested on animals! It is a beautiful golden pinkish/brownish colour. QUO Beauty has a whole line of makeup that you can choose from. Do you support/purchase makeup that is vegan and free from animal testing? If so, which ones?

–> I started this post when I was rotating through Emergency Medicine, found some time to finish up this post during my ObGyn rotation. I have yet to type up a post on my Emergency Medicine experience. It’s underway. My preceptors and the experience was great in EM. Through any rotation I find that I learn the best when 1) I feel comfortable in asking questions 2) work with preceptors who enjoy teaching 3) Lots of hands on experience

–> Also, I am COVID vaccinated!!! First of two shots!

–> Time spent with my kiddo & family when I had free time during my rotation. I am starting to get into the mindset that when I am spending time with my family my mind and time is ALL family time & when I am studying / at work I am focusing on work. This was hard at the beginning of my residency but it is starting to get better.

Baby Time!
Puppy Time!

–> I have a FitBit and I am able to track my steps. I realize how active / not active I am throughout the day. I use the FitBit app and also the Pacer app! As you can see I don’t make it to 10,000 steps daily – I am working at it!

–> My vegan grocery haul from The Grocery Outlet! As you can see I was missing “cheeze”!!

That’s all folks!!! Leave your comments below!

Stay safe and healthy.

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