Medical Monday blog posts?

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Hi everyone!

I wanted to type up quick post on some thoughts that have been running through my mind…

What do you think about Medical Mondays?

I got this idea from  (I love her blog!!) I want to aim for at least two posts per month on Mondays where I write about medically-related things. It can be about medical school, helpful IMG information, residency, health related topics. Suggestions are welcome!

What am I currently reading?

Just started Atul Gawande’s Complications.

I am also reading up COVID-19 related articles, but for now I choose not to discuss too much of it on my blog. As it is we are being bombarded by so much information online, on the tv, on the radio etc. about  “the COVID” pandemic.

What’s happening now before I begin residency in July?

Lots and lots and lots of paperwork! Registering with CPSO (College of Physicians & Surgeons of Ontario) – done, CMPA (Canadian Medical Protective Association) – done, paperwork for my residency program – still in progress.

  • One of the cool things I get to do is send the program a little blurb about myself (where I am from, my hobbies etc.) My picture and this blurb will be posted up in the clinic that I will be working at, so the patients know a little about me!

Finding a place to stay in Kingston – done! yay!

Next week I will be starting a course called PRP (pre-residency program). As a CSA (Canadians Studying Abroad)/IMG (International Medical Graduate), when you match into a residency program in Ontario (no matter what specialty) you have to take a PRP 1 and a PRP 2 course. I am not fully sure what we will be learning, so that gives me material to write about on another day for Medical Mondays!

In previous years PRP 1 was conducted in-person at Touchstone in downtown Toronto. This year, because of the COVID-19 situation the course will be conducted remotely. I think this is the first time a PRP 1 course is being conducted remotely. PRP 2 will be conducted in the school that you matched at. Once again because of the COVID situation, our PRP 2 was rescheduled to June. So I will have to go to Kingston for my PRP 2 and once I complete this, I begin residency immediately after!

Scutmonkey Comics

What am I nervous about during my residency?

  • making a mistake that would hurt my patient
  • not managing my time well, not being able to keep up with the demands of being a resident physician
  • not knowing my drugs and dosages well
  • pediatrics!
  • I will be given more responsibility and will be held accountable for my mistakes – I am no longer a medical student/clinical trainee who might have gotten away with carelessness/slacking off
  • Will I ever be a good enough physician?

What am I excited about?

  • everything!
    • Finally being able to pursue what I am most passionate about!
    • To be a student again!
    • I cannot wait to see my ID!
    • I can’t wait to get back into the hospital and clinic, meet my new patients, colleagues, attendings and learn from them
    • My rotations and horizontal electives! I look forward to sharing a bit about my schedule once I get it!
    • Enjoying the flexibility family medicine provides – women’s health, working with the marginalized population, choosing whether I want to do research, seeing whether I like hospitalist medicine, emergency medicine and deciding what I want to do in my PGY3 year (fellowship).
    • Putting myself in unfamiliar challenging situations and seeing how I deal with it! Growth of my knowledge and confidence!
    • …..and the list goes on and on

That’s all I can think of for now! Leave me your thoughts & comments. What would you like me to write about? If you are in residency or have completed residency I would love some of your advice!

Did you have the same fears? How did you overcome these fears? How can I be a rockstar intern/resident?

Peace, Love, Health & Happiness Always!

2 thoughts on “Medical Monday blog posts?

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  1. Loving it ! By the way I don’t think you ever ‘slacked off’ when you were a medical student. You have always made an effort to be a conscientious med student…no matter how tired you were.


  2. Yayyy! Joinnn meee, haha. I feel so alone in my Medical Mondays since 99% of my readers are not in the medical field! I’d love to read yours! :] I’m so excited for you to start–the things you’re nervous about are totally understandable. I definitely felt all of these at one point or another (and still feel some at the moment–the imposter syndrome is real ._.). You’re going to be awesome!


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