Baby Freebies

Hi everyone!

I have compiled a list of items I received for free before I had my baby. Stocking up on these items have been quite helpful and useful after baby A arrived!

Get Free Samples (Canada-specific)

Online: Pampers


I received boxes of Huggies diapers, wet wipes and coupons! I would sign up with different names (using the same address) and within two weeks I got several of these boxes in the mail! Not having to pay for diapers and wet wipes for those first initial weeks were very helpful.


In store: Buy Buy Baby

This only works if you go in person to the store and sign up with a registry. It is up to you if you are going to actually use these registries. To be honest, I did not end up using any of my registries! I just made them to get freebies! 🙂

Seen below: Various coupons, wet wipes, Honest company diapers, lactation cookies (unfortunately not vegan), boogie wipes, samples of body wash/shampoo/lotion, nursing pads, Good Night book to read to baby. *Freebies vary by store

Buy buy Baby

Online & in person: Baby’s R Us

Sign up for a registry online:

You will receive a coupon in your email. Print it out and take it to your nearest Baby’s R Us store and they will give you a gift bag! I used this coupon twice and got two bags!

Seen below: A coupon book. Wet wipes, body lotion/shampoo/body wash. An Evenflo bottle – THIS has the be the best freebie I ever received. As I exclusively pump and feed Baby A, he is bottle fed and this bottle has decreased his gas and pain problems significantly. (More on this in my other post.) *Freebies vary by store


Seen below: wet wipes, coupons, Dr. Browns bottle (awesome!), Sudo cream sample, eye wipes, dish liquid, breast pad/milk storage bags.


Online & in person: Thyme Maternity

Sign up for a registry online:

After signing up online, go in person to the store and get your freebie bag!

Seen below: Pampers bag, an Avent bottle (baby uses this sometimes too, but Even flo is his all time favourite), many coupons! *Freebies vary by store


Online & in person: Baby Box Co.

Sign up online:

Watch their parenting videos, take a short simple quiz and then you will receive information on where to pick up your “Baby Box”. They used to give out baby sleeping boxes before but they recently discontinued that.

Seen below: Blue baby box bag, nursing pads, water wipes, body wash/shampoo, safe sleeping bags/dress for baby! *Freebies vary by store


Online:  Join the Similac club:

Seen below: Four glass bottles of pre-prepared Similac, a can of Good Start powder formula, a nipple (fast flow – this is not good for a newborn though). Coupon book and Baby feeding guide!


Online: Amazon Canada Registry. Create a baby registry and get a welcome gift AFTER you have spent $25 off your registry. I added many items that were baby and non baby related to the registry and purchased the items because we needed it.

Our welcome gift was a Fisher Price Rattle. Baby loves it so it was nice to receive 🙂


If they don’t just give it to you, ask your OB whether they have any free samples? I got this from my obstetrician’s office:


Some websites I found helpful as well


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