Some news to share with you!

Good afternoon my readers!

It has been such a long time since I updated my blog and for good reason(s)! Here we go!!

The move: Hubby and I have decided to move back to Ontario from British Columbia! Actually we are making the move in the next 5 days! Things have been hectic and busy tying things up here. There is an exciting reason why we are moving……


Hubby and I are expecting a little one in May 2019 ❤

I found out that I was pregnant on the day I took my NAC examination in September 2018! What a day it was! I flew to Edmonton, took the examination, was very fatigued, period late by 5 days. Flew back home that same evening, peed on a stick and it was positive! I have trouble describing the emotions we felt. Very jumbled indeed! Excited, anxious, nervous, can we do this ……whattttt?!

The next months were a a blur! During examinations, applications, interviews, travel , results and figuring out the next step in our lives, I really underestimated what we are capable of handling! The stress, emotions, nausea, fatigue, it was ALL there but when you want to achieve certain goals and do your ultimate best, it is definitely doable.

I really admire and respect the pregnant women who work extremely hard in residency for many hours together, standing, not being able to eat/drink for long periods of time, sleepless nights, vomiting, fatigue etc. You are super women!!

So yes, career goals may work immediately or may work a little later than expected, but that did not keep me and hubby from continuing forward in our personal lives. There are no regrets and in fact I feel this is the perfect time to start a family.

Additionally, having a baby, having a supportive husband and parents and in-laws will still allow me to pursue my career ambitions. Our reason for moving to Ontario, my parents will be a great big help in this new step in our lives! I plan to take this time to rest, meditate, work on my art, spend time with baby, heal my body, and THEN plan the next steps I would like to take in my career. ❤

Pregnancy thoughts: I have kept a personal journal to write in my thoughts, which has been helpful throughout this whole journey. It feels so much more real now at 32 weeks. Belly has grown. Lots of kicks and rolling around in there. Ultrasounds where we get to see the little one is absolutely amazing. My whole pregnancy, I have been vegan! So yes it is doable with no worries!

Definitely nervous thinking about due date and delivery! It’s one thing assisting in delivering someone else’s baby….but when you have to think about pushing one out yourself….umm…YIKES!

My mandala Art
My mandala art work, dotting technique.

CaRMS: I got interviews, I attended interviews, I didn’t match. Disappointing. I applied second iteration, got interview, attended interview and awaiting results. Am I hopeful for the second round? Honestly no. I got a feeling from the program they already knew who they wanted. So I am not holding my breath for second iteration Match day results. I gave it MY ALL, no regrets 🙂

I have met SO MANY WONDERFUL SUPPORTIVE physicians in BC who are so excited for this next step in my life and want me to enjoy it before I jump on the CaRMS journey again.

Life is definitely full of ups and downs. Everybody has struggles in life in different aspects of their lives personal and professional. I try hard everyday to be thankful for what I do have and what I am capable of achieving every day, big or small. Let’s not give up on our dreams, whatever it may be!

Peace, love and happiness ❤


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