Travel Thursday – Hike at Joffre Lakes!

Good afternoon folks!

Here are photos from Joffre Lakes back in the first week of May 2018 when my brother and I went hiking. It was still quite snowy, the lakes were frozen, we were slipping and sliding all over the place but it was absolutely amazing! 🙂 We wore YakTrax but crampons would have been better. We made it up to the waterfall and decided to turn back around because 1) the upper lake would be frozen and 2) it was starting to get late and we knew we would have a difficult time in the snow getting back down. We were right! I must have fallen on my butt at least ten times! After the 10th time I just decided to slide down some areas 🙂

In a future post I will write about our visit to several waterfalls, the Train Wreck and our AirBnB stay while on our drive through Whistler and upto Pemberton.


Breathtaking scenery in Pemberton!


Lower Joffre Lake


These birds were definitely conditioned to expect food with hikers around! 😉


Middle Joffre Lake
Middle Joffre Lake


We made it to the waterfall!!
I kept thinking “don’t slip and fall…..don’t slip and fall….Don’t slip…ouch!!!”
Many times our foot went deep into the snow!
We were so proud of our brother-sister hike! WE MADE IT!!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! I can’t wait to go back during the summer time so that we can make it up to the third lake and see the beautiful blue waters!!!

Come back for more travel posts!!

Peace, Love and Happiness always!

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