April 2018 Travels – Part 2

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April 7: Woke up early, drove to the Tsawassen ferry terminal and took the ferry to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island! It was a two hour ferry ride and the scenery was breath taking!

We docked in Nanaimo and drove to Rawmbas for lunch. I ordered the thai grain bowl, hubby got the falafel wrap and my friend ordered the salad and home-style soup. A little pricey but it was good food. The food digested quick though and we started feeling snackish.

We began our drive after lunch….it was rainy but this added to the beauty of the drive!


En route we stopped by the Old Country Market. Also known for having goats eating grass on the roof during the summer months! Unfortunately we did not get to see the goats but it was a fun market with lots of things to see and eat! We bought some granola for us to have as breakfast before our hikes.

After our stop at the Old Country Market, we stopped by MacMillan Provincial Park – Cathedral Grove.


After some time there, we drove on to Ucluelet and enjoyed the beautiful scenery during the drive!

We checked into Pacific Rim Motel for the night, booked it through Hotels.com. It was a clean and somewhat quiet place. I say somewhat because of the noisy people above us. Provided wifi, a coffee maker, and television. The view from our bedroom window was quite beautiful! All in all a great stay with comfy beds!


We had our dinner at a place just walking distance from the hotel called Cedar Grill. They really went out of their way to ensure that all of our dietary restrictions were met and made us a wonderful dinner!

We saw this on our way back from the restaurant:


We went back to the hotel, slept well and woke up the next morning fresh and early to head off on our next adventures! The Lighthouse Trail and the Wild Coast Trail!


Come back and visit for more adventures!

Peace, love and happiness always!


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