Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Hi everyone!

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away! Whether you both are together or apart, celebrating on the day of or during the weekend, hope you have a wonderful time with your loved one! 🙂


Hubby and I used to celebrate Valentine’s day as a long-distance couple for over 4 years. It was difficult and we had to get creative. Also, since we were either not working/still students, we had to be mindful of how much we were spending.

In addition to the usual flowers, jewelry, chocolates etc. here are some other affordable and creative ideas!

My Top 15 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Long Distance Couples

1) Baking a box of cookies/cupcakes and sending them with a sweet letter! I baked vegan red velvet cupcakes without the frosting 🙂 There are many recipes out there to try out! I coloured mine red with beetroot! Take note of how long it may take to send by mail as you don’t want them to receive stale yucky cupcakes/cookies.1896925_602166033199350_522222449_n

2) Create you own heartfelt letter or card either by mail or via e-card! Here are some funny ideas!


3) Video chat dates! It is sweet to just catch up over video chat while having dinner, making plans about when you meet in the near future! Watch a movie online together!

4) Sending over a Valentine’s Day Snack Box/care package – filled with sweet and salty goodies! (This can include your baked items too!)


5) (For him) Vegan body sprayJack Black

  • I bought this for Hubby from Amazon, risky move because I did not know how it smelled. I got lucky that it had a great scent that was citrusy and fresh. The scent is not over powering and thankfully Hubby liked it too! He still uses it to this day!AlloverbodySpray_330_blue

6) (For her) Vegan perfumes, body sprays, lotions – gosh there are so many options!

7) Their favourite book they will enjoy reading, or that you both can read together and discuss for days!

8) A plant and Plant pot with your face on itface plants3 IIHIH9) This one is an oldie but always a goodie, Mixtape – if they are into music (and who isn’t?), put together a bunch of their favourite songs and send it over to them!

10) A collage/album with special memories of your favourite pictures, text messages, emails and moments spent together!

11) A personalized painting they can display at home!

I painted this and gifted it to my family. My Husband loved this so much and wanted me to paint one for our house! 🙂

12) A personalized mug! I bought a white mug from the Dollar store. Drew a funny cartoon on the mug with a personal message, baked it in the oven at 350 F for 20 mins so the ink sets into the mug. I then sent it over in the mail filled with chocolates!

13) Send them your shirt/sweatshirt/sweater etc. that has your perfume/cologne sprayed on it, so they can keep it close to them. Scents trigger so much emotion!

14) Surprise them by ordering their favourite food and having it delivered to their door!

15) ❤ The BEST gift of all – fly over/drive over and surprise them! Just make sure you are not traveling to see each other at the same time 😉


At the end of the day all that really matters is that even if you’re apart, you both made the effort to spent some time together – whether it be through a phone call, an email, a letter or video chat! That’s always a good feeling. 🙂

❤ Peace, love and happiness always!

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  1. Aww, these are all such cute ideas! ❤ Care packages are always such an awesome surprise! :] That painting is gorgeous, and I'm glad the cologne worked out! Citrusy scents are the best!


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