A little plant crazy!

Namaste and Happy Monday!

My Mother’s plant gene that I never thought I acquired, has unexpectedly ‘turned on’ in me. I dedicate this post to my Mother 🙂 Amma, all those years I just didn’t understand it, I am sorry. I certainly get it now. ❤

What is it that I like…no, love? The beauty in each leaf, look at how intricate and beautiful the designs are. If you can touch it, the texture of each plant is also different. Need I mention the shapes and colours? As you will see below each one is unique and different, just like each and every one of us! When I water them/mist them, seeing them grow and thrive makes me happy.

I gush about all my plant babies…except for the last picture of my sad fern plant I …ahem….

Haworthia Succulent
Escoberia Cactus

Croton – my all time favourite! It’s like a rainbow plant 🙂

Anthurium (just misted)! The South Indian name is Ananthurium 😉
Spider plant! I got a small cutting from my Mom’s plant collection in Toronto months ago and it’s been growing crazy ever since 🙂
My pink and green beauty. Polka Dot plant (Hypoestes phyllostachya).
New fern baby, I am going to try really hard with this one 🙂
The growing Amaryllis bulb!
Our Ikea green house with Amaryllis bulb, Jade plant, African violet leaf cutting that is starting to grow roots, Christmas cactus rooting as well. The jar at the side is cuttings from my Mom’s Hibiscus plant!
My African Violet that has not bloomed since I bought it. Leaves are growing well though!
Prayer plant, also known as Maranta. The dried half leaf was there when I purchased it, decided against cutting it off.
Trying my luck at growing an avocado plant in a cracked wine glass 🙂
Just misted – Monstera and Angel’s Trumpet (from my Mom) sharing the same vase. Look at the roots below!

Finally, my sad sad fern. I bought this a little under a year ago when I first moved to Vancouver. I was so happy to own one…then I left town for two weeks. It went dry and that’s when it all started going downhill. I left it out in the rain recently, but the temperature dropped and the green leaves turned brown. I am going to try my best to save it…I think it can be saved? Here’s how it looked before…..don’t laugh.


I’m a Plant Mom and I’m gushing about them 🙂

Do you love plants? What collection do you have? What do you like about them? Do tell!

Have a wonderful week folks!

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