Sunday Blog Post in Photos – Campbell Valley Park

Namaste My Readers ❤

I am back in Vancouver! Check out our Urban Jungle Oasis. Our Buddha sits happily and peacefully in His garden. I cannot believe how much my plants have grown in a span of two weeks!


I added a new plant to the mix, a Prayer plant from Wal-Mart for less than $4. She had a few dry leaves but she is beautiful.


Today was a beautiful day to go walking/hiking. We did not want to travel too far for our walk so we drove over to Campbell Valley Park in Langley. Blue skies, sunny, slightly cool day – it was a perfect January afternoon.

Here are pictures from our afternoon adventures. Unedited photos with my new Samsung Galaxy S7. Today’s adventure gave me a chance to test out the phone’s photo taking abilities. It did not disappoint. 🙂

We took the River Loop Trail + South Valley Trail + Ravine Trail (to the farmhouse)


Another one of my favourites. Moss and fence.
Hide and Seek!


Sun streaming through the trees.


Blue skies and tree.
I love this photo and this tree.
Stairway to Heaven
Hubby and I were sitting on this bench named: Stairway to Heaven
Yes. Tree from my head 🙂
The Angel
By chance I came upon this Angel. She was sitting inside the tree seen in above photo.


Feeding the ducks!
Many chickadees were eating seeds left on this tree for them!


Chubby one! ❤

We were all smiles at the end of our hike! Much needed Vitamin Sun + exercise + nature! Finally one last picture, we had to stop for this 🙂


Have a wonderful week everyone! Peace, love and happiness always! ❤

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