Good things will come to those who do not give up!

Namaste my readers & Seasons Greetings!

My perfect Buddha statue, taking Him home to Vancouver

Belated Christmas Greetings and Happy (early) New Year 2018!

I am in Toronto with my family for the Christmas and New Years celebrations. It feels therapeutic to be at home, comfy with my parents, grandmother and brother around.

Hubby had to work this past week and will be joining us in Toronto tomorrow!!! Speaking of work – Hubby got a wonderful job in Vancouver! He’s so hardworking and intelligent, I am extremely proud of him ❤ !!! We are transitioning from student to adult life in our mid-30s (but we feel like we are in our 20s! think young, feel young! :))

On a Friday night coffee date after work!<3

The cold temps are CRRRAZY! Ranges from 11 degrees C during the day to (feels like) 30 degrees C at night. Since arriving in Toronto, I don’t think I have stepped out of the house. No complaints 🙂

CaRMS applications were sent out a while back and I was nervously awaiting emails (even one!) for interviews. This year I took a big risk and only applied to Canadian programs. In previous years I have applied to the US and spent a truckload of $ and barely heard from programs for interviews.

I chose to apply to only Canada for a few reasons:

  1. My updated clinical experience and letters were from Canadian physicians
  2. My husband is in Vancouver with me now, why do I want to move to the US when we are finally together?
  3. Financially, it did not seem worth it.

After weeks of waiting, I heard positive news about an interview at my top choice program! I feel blessed because I have some residents who are volunteering to help me prepare for this. I pray I match in 2018. I can finally start blogging about my residency experience and help other IMGs out there undergoing this struggle.

Since moving to Vancouver I felt a positive change within me and around me and I want to see this continue in 2018 and on wards.

In 2018….

  • I WILL match into my top program. I will work harder than ever and prove that I am worthy of a family medicine residency position.
  • I WILL focus on toning up. This includes working on the passion to hike to new places around British Columbia! I really admire med students, residents and physicians who take the time to work out regularly and eat healthy when they could be sleeping/napping/lazing on a couch watching Netflix.

    I found this on the wall of the coffee shop!
  • I WILL continue writing in my Gratefulness Journal! I started this back in November and I love writing a few notes in it when the feeling/thought strikes me 🙂 I believe that by focusing on what I am grateful for, more good things will come my way.IMG_20171127_151757_337
  • I WILL learn to meditate and meditate often for peace of mind.IMG_20171226_214916_744
  • I WILL continue to paint and work on my new found liking for growing plants! Hubby and I have collected quite a few plants in the house now….
    • newly propagated Jade plantIMG_20171224_115432_389
    • Monstera
    • Other plants as mentioned in my previous post are doing well!
    • I am taking a few clippings of a few plants from Toronto to Vancouver. Mom has a green thumb and she will be giving me clippings of her Jasmine plant, Spider plant (different variety than what I have now) and Hibiscus/shoe flower!

For now, these are the I WILLs I can think of for 2018 and I am satisfied with it.

Wishing everyone a safe, happy and healthy 2018. May everything you are working hard for and dreaming of materialize. You deserve it. ❤


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  1. Yayy!! Congrats to your husband!! :] I am so, so rooting for you for 2018!! Best of luck into matching into your top program!! <3!! I can't wait to read about your adventures in residency! :]

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