Visit to the Vancouver Bloedel Conservatory!

Namaste friends!

This weekend my bestie, H, and I toured a bit of Vancouver! We have known one another since highschool in Toronto! H moved from Ontario to Vancouver to work as an MD clinical trainee and we haven’t had a chance to tour around together until now!


Vancouver has been quite rainy for the past few weeks and so we planned an indoor activity on Sunday afternoon – the Bloedel Conservatory! I recommend everyone visit it at least once. It is serene and filled with beautiful tropical plants, birds and fish!

You can walk through Queen Elizabeth Park, and then climb up the slope to see the Conservatory dome. In the distance you can see the city and the mountains! Fall time is beautiful but I would love to revisit when it’s Spring/Summer time!


After clicking a few photos, we went in to buy our tickets. It was not expensive, $6.50 per adult. It is humid inside the conservatory and there was no where to hang our coats/jackets, so we held onto them as we walked around.

There are two laminated information sheets they provide you just before you start your walk around the conservatory. One is a map with info (numbered) about the tropical plants and the second about the birds!

It was beautiful…


During our first “round”, our heads were turning everywhere as there was so much to see! The awesome part as we reached the end, we made a second “round” leisurely to view the plants and the birds in case we missed something the first time.

Some advise…

  1. Bring a good camera to capture beautiful photos! I regret not having carried my SLR, I would have had better beautiful photos. The ones above were taken with my cell phone. They do not allow selfie sticks.
  2. It is accessible by bus. If you are arriving by car, leave your jackets in the car as the conservatory is humid.
  3. During Fall/Winter it does get dark by 4:30/5:00 pm. Arrive early to have a relaxing leisurely walk in the garden and within the conservatory when there is sunlight.
  4. Pick a time (maybe during weekdays) when there is not much of a crowd.
  5. It is definitely a romantic date night idea! You guys will enjoy the beauty of nature and when it grows darker the city lights!

When you’re done touring the conservatory and you are hungry, it takes about a 20 min walk/7 min drive to Main street. There are many restaurants to eat at! (we ate at The Reef – some great vegan items there and oh so filling!)

All in all a wonderful trip! I recommend you make your way over to Bloedel Conservatory.

Next, I’ll fill you in on our trip to the Vancouver Christmas Market! Filled with Christmas lights and caroling, German food, beverages, arts and crafts!

Good night!

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  1. Aww, that looks like so much fun! The photos you took were gorgeous! I really need to remember to take my DSLR with me to more places! I haven’t been to Vancouver in like…15 years and I’ve been wanting to go back!


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