Friday night blog post…let’s catch up!

Namaste & good evening everyone,


It’s Friday night and I’m typing away while sipping on some ayurvedic tea…it has been a while since I posted something. Let me make you some of your favourite tea, or do you prefer wine? Let’s catch up…


-> I love being married. It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning, or come home from work and see a loving caring handsome face. To have a travel buddy, work out buddy, motivational buddy or a lazy buddy to snuggle up with all-in-one at home with me! 

THIS Cartoon

-> Recently we went to the International Buddhist Temple in Richmond, Vancouver. The Temple was serene and a great place to walk around in peace or meditate. We could light incense sticks and pray. Stay away from the restaurant though, read the reviews on Tripadvisor and you’ll see why. Here are some pics…

-> I have fallen behind on my CaRMS applications, not good! I have about another month more before residency applications go out and I have yet to update my personal statement (I have so much more to write about this year). I have approached my letter writers and they have given the OK. I am slowly editing my CaRMS online application. I completed my CASPer exam the other day, which seriously is a pain in the bum. :/ Every year we have to take this exam for 4-5 programs in Canada that I want to apply to…..ughh…anyway.

-> I tell you that the breast cancer research project that I have been working on at Simon Fraser University is going well. I am now recruiting subjects into the study and we are giving the breast cancer screening device/ultra sound a final test to work out any software bugs. Next week will be busy at the University working on this, looking forward to working with some subjects soon!

-> My breakfast habits have become so horrible. About 3-4 days a week, I run out the door with a mug of soy milk coffee and 2 vegan fig bars. From 8 am to about 3 pm, I run around like a headless chicken, sipping on some water in between and then come home and collapse on the couch because I am so hungry. Why do I do this to myself? When I am busy running from patient to patient, or at the university testing out the device for research I push hunger to the back burner –  but my stomach growling gets REALLY loud. I regret it once I am home and realize, why don’t I just take the time (even ten minutes) to eat something. My brain would function better, I wouldn’t be cloudy brained and I wouldn’t be exhausted at the end of the day when I want to get some studying done. :/


-> Speaking of food, check out these spice containers from Ikea! SO CUTE right? We bought the labels separately. You can see how we arrange all our spices, lentils, rice etc. in jars.

You can get the spice jars here

-> We also LOVE our Instantpot and our Bread machine! Some food pics…that fresh bread loaf was made with whole wheat flour, turmeric, spices, coriander….and the instantpot had channa masala in it!

-> Pro tip, if you have a very soft bed and it’s hurting your back, stick a stiff flat cardboard box just below your mattress topper. When we moved into this new place we had the soft mattress problem. The flat cardboard box has done wonders for our back!

That’s about it for tonight, tell me what you have been up to! If you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

Have a wonderful night and it was wonderful catching up! 🙂

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  1. Best of luck to you on your applications!! ❤

    That breakfast comic is adorable, haha. I love your spice jars too! I can't wait to someday have my own place (I want an awesome kitchen with lots of counter space! *_*)! I need to break out my bread machine again! It's been a while since I've used it!


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