Happy weekend!

Namaste and Happy weekend folks!

It’s been a while since I wrote a post with random thoughts, so here goes!

First on the agenda —> my Hubby is moving over to Vancouver tomorrow! YAHOOO! Over 5 and a half years of long distance and let me tell you, it feels absolutely great to say this. Yes, it feels very surreal. I truly want to cry. I am trying really hard not to start bawling as I type this. I’ll grab some wine before picking him up at the airport tomorrow night and then we’re just going to come home and relax together. Happy married life to us!!! 🙂


–> Ever had those days when everything just felt weird? So Thursday was a late start at the clinic. As I was getting ready to work, I got this gut feeling that it was maybe going to be a strange day. I don’t know if it’s maybe that I set myself up for this and approached my day with a different thought process/attitude but it DID, in fact, turn out to be weird. People at work were stressed, running around and openly stated that today was just one of those days. Several patients snapped as me as soon as I walked through the door to see them! It was very strange, they definitely did not want to talk to me, the trainee. Usually, I have a wonderful experience with patients, but that specific day there were THREE of them. What was up with that?? So, I kept calm. Took a deep breath and just let it be. I chose respect and patience. I refused to absorb any negative energy coming my way. I survived the day. 

–> My best friend’s Indian baby shower was absolutely beautiful. 🙂 I was the main photographer for the event so it was absolutely awesome to literally be IN the middle of the happenings! I don’t have any pictures to share of their baby shower because it’s personal but here is one of my bangles! I was to wear an orange saree that day but thankfully I took a salwar along and wore that instead because I was running around taking photos!

There was a part of the ceremony where the mother-to-be has bangles put on her wrists by all the ladies who attend the ceremony. What I DIDN’T know is that she will have another woman sitting next to her who will be blessed by the ladies to have a baby in the near future….guess who that other person/woman was….ME! I was definitely not ready for this but it was such a sweet gesture for my best friend to ask me. So I sat down and the ladies blessed me as well 🙂 The red bangles you see there near my hand were the “baby blessing” bangles! haha 😉


–> The CaRMS residency application portal will open up next week. Yikes! I feel nervous and I don’t know what to expect this year…but you know what, I realized that worrying is not going to solve my issues. Instead, I will continue to do what I am doing and hope for the best.


Good night everyone 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend. Sending happy vibes your way!

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