Review on Sunmay facial cleansing brush.

Happy Thursday everyone!

I cannot believe that the Fall season is just a month away! Crazy much?? Time certainly flies, doesn’t it? I long for these months to slow down and stick around longer but I also look forward to new adventures in the future!

I had a day off of work today and have started to pack some Indian clothes for my trip this weekend.

Will be wearing one of the sarees from my wedding. 

I am super excited as I am flying to Chicago for my best friend’s South Indian baby shower, also known as valaikappu and seemantham. During this ‘baby shower’ we sit with the beautiful expecting mother, sing songs and place lots of colourful bangles around her wrists. Then later, the mother and father-to-be, the guests and the priest chant prayers and bless the baby.


It will be the first baby to be born amongst our friendship circle of four of us best friends who met in highschool, so it is pretty exciting 🙂 

So recently I noted my facial skin was looking dull and dry. Using a facial scrub cream and moisturizing it just wasn’t helping. I looked into buying a facial brush online and almost bought the facial cleaning brushes with the bristles but came across a dermatologist review. The dermatologist stated that buying the facial brush with the bristles would be harder to clean, so there would be an increased growth of bacteria on the bristles. I would be using the same brush with bacteria growth over and over again on my face and then I would have to look into buying a new brush replacement (not economical). (Kind of similar to a toothbrush… that reminds me I need to change my toothbrush, yuck!!)


The Foreo facial brush, on the other hand, was a facial cleansing brush made out of silicone, easy to clean and does a great job of gently cleansing my face. The problem…it was over $150!!! I was NOT going to spend that amount of money. Instead I found a dupe called Sunmay (see link) on for just over $30 CAD. It came with the facial brush, cute box, USB charger, a soft carry case, and instructions.


I charged the Sunmay facial brush for just over an hour, it has been about a little over two weeks now and I haven’t had to charge it since. I use it about 3-4x/week, just before sleeping. I love it because:

  • My face felt smooth
  • the pointy end of the cleanser reached the corners between my nose and cheeks where I am more prone to blackheads
  • the + and – increases and decreases the speed of vibration respectively
  • easy to clean with soap and water or alcohol spray/wipes
  • one side (seen below) is a facial scrub and the other side (seen in the last pic) is a massager!

I use it with my Alba Botanica facial cleanser which does an excellent job but is a bit drying on the skin. After washing my face I spray on my Radha Organics rose water (see link) and then use the Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Oil.


Completely make up free, I was pretty happy with the results!

This side (seen below) is a face massager to use with anti-aging serum/gels. As you can tell I have three I like to use. I do not know if these three are effective for wrinkle prevention because I may only see results after long-term use. I am not very good about using these anti-aging serums frequently. I am definitely non-compliant 😉 Anyway, but it is pretty cool I have this option!


Overall I am very happy with the products! If you use any of these products I have mentioned above (gels, creams, cleansers etc.) let me know what you think?

Have a wonderful week & weekend everyone!

** I was not financially compensated for purchasing the products above. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

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