Friday randoms

Namaste & Welcome to my Friday randoms…. ❤

  • It’s about 10:30 pm for me here in Vancouver and I am missing Hubby. He is fast asleep in Pittsburgh as it is 1:30 am for him. I am bored.


  • I look forward to starting up my new position as a clinical research assistant on a University-affiliated women’s health study that we’ll be running out of the family medicine clinic. I will be using an ultrasound-type probe to detect any lumps, masses, cysts in a subject’s breast(s) etc. The hope/purpose of this project is to test whether this ultrasound device can help detect and diagnose breast cancer easier and be less invasive than other methods. ->


  • I’ve been really into smoothies these days. It’s fresh berry & fruit season in B.C.! There are several generous patients who drop by and show their thanks to the physicians in our clinic by dropping off crates of blueberries, cherries, peaches, strawberries, and nectarines! I don’t hesitate to help myself to some before I leave the office. Nom nom 😀

If world leaders could take some time to chill out and share a smoothie together, I  believe it would solve a lot of problems!


  • This video —>


  • I am looking for a professional looking vegan/pleather bag to take to the office that will fit my stethoscope, notebook, cell, wallet, lunch etc. I find them to be expensive though. Here are some that I liked, easy to sanitize and wipe outside.

Matt & Natt, Nicora




  •  I love this –> 19510099_1077414549026499_8943403872213451791_n


Peace, love and happiness everyone. Have a wonderful weekend! Grab yourself a smoothie 🙂 ❤




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  1. Hooray for smoothies and berry season! (Berry season unfortunately just ended over here and I’m super sad. ;_; ) I’m excited for your new position and looking forward to hearing about it!


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