Lunapads Review

Hello readers!

This is a review post on Lunapads for those of you curious about using cloth pads for periods. Just a warning, this post may be TMI for some readers. 🙂

** I was not financially compensated for purchasing the product below. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

I considered switching to cloth pads after thinking about how much waste I was creating every month and how much money I was spending buying pads. I didn’t feel comfortable about using menstrual cups and eventually decided to try out cloth pads.

I chose Lunapads after some research and found they had some great reviews. As a start, I bought: 1 black wide long pad and insert, 1 black overnight pad and insert and 1 black long insert with wings. I am glad I bought these many for my first try out as they were the perfect amount and size I needed.


Minimal/no waste.

I bought the long pads for good front and back coverage. They are a bit bulky but I much rather they be extra long to prevent any leak/bleed accidents at work or while sleeping.

The main pad has snaps that clip around your underwear do they don’t shift too much.

No odor that I would usually get from regular pads.

No skin irritation.

Great absorption! Depending on light-heavy flow days you can layer the inserts.

Different colours! I chose black because it looks clean and I cannot see any stains after washing.

You can hand wash and also machine wash them. I hand washed them initially but will be machine washing them in hot cycle when I do my laundry (no machine at home at the moment).


A bit pricey at first, but since they are reusable it may be worth it over time.

I do recommend washing the pads when you first get them as there is fuzzy material on them that you should wash off before use.

If you’re queasy about hand washing things with your own blood on it….then again you can throw this in the washing machine.

Personally, in the future when I am on call/24 hour shifts in the hospital will these be realistic for me to use? Washing these pads/inserts in the bathroom, hanging them to dry…. I cannot know until I put these into use at that time.

My two cents! 🙂 If there are any of you out there who use cloth pads as well please do share your views! Thanks and hope this was useful information!


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