Randoms and my tiny garden.

Happy belated #CanadaDay150 everyone! I spent some time catching up with my best friends, we then visited the Aga Khan Museum as there was free entrance on Canada Day.


….and then went home and watched the fireworks with my parents from the comfort of our front porch!

Flew back to Vancouver yesterday! Just as my parents and I were pulling up to the airport, Hubby called me and informed me that my flight was canceled, as I was talking to him I received notification of the cancellation as well. Thanks, Air Canada *sarcastic*. At least provide us a coffee for waking up early and coming to the airport?

Anyway, as they had booked a whole bunch of us for another flight later in the day, I spent some time sitting at David’s Tea sipping on iced tea, watched The Good Dinosaur. A safe movie to watch in public when everyone can sneak a look at my laptop screen as they are passing by haha! I recommend watching the movie, it was pretty cute 🙂

My Mom had sent some clippings from her spider plant and money plant so that I can grow it in my apartment. It survived the flight. Here is my tiny beginner garden in my tiny apartment ❤


My poor fern had few stems of brown leaves and the soil was pretty dry after me being away for three weeks. My bad. I watered it thoroughly yesterday and went to bed. This morning I cut all the dry leaves and noticed the soil was still dry. Set the plant in a shallow cup of water and it sucked the water right up! It’s looking MUCH better though.

I am back to work tomorrow. It’s a long weekend for Canada day, so no work today. I do need to pop by Walmart and get some groceries.

Some future travel plans….my best friend’s Indian baby shower in Sept/Oct, my cousin’s wedding reception in October. Hubby and I are considering a vacation in December – India or Hawaii?

Have a great week everyone!

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