First hike in Whistler, BC

Hope you’re having a happy Saturday!

I dropped my Hubby off at the airport this morning. He was over for a week and we had fun just spending some quality time together at home, watched Netflix, ate at new places and hiked. One of the positive things about a long-distance relationship is that I feel like I am dating my husband and the honeymoon feeling doesn’t go away 🙂

We visited Cheakamus Lake (in Whistler, B.C.) for a day. It was a relatively easy hike, a few elevations but mostly flat, 6 hours in total. We started our hike a bit later in the day though so we only hiked for 4 hours. It was meh….ok I guess? We have been to other places before: Washington State (Hoh Rainforest), Ontario (Algonquin Provincial Park, Rattlesnake Point, Tobermory), Florida (Blue Spring State Park)… the walk along the way was kind of boring. Some melting snow so it got very slushy and muddy…..but when we stopped and rested for lunch:

Cheakamus Lake

Totally worth it! We also stopped by Shannon Falls and Tantalus lookout on our way back from Whistler to Vancouver.


We also got the chance to visit a nearby park called Blackie Spit Park. It was a gorgeous afternoon and low tide. There were kids from school doing some sort of beach “treasure hunt” with their teachers. They found starfish and crabs. After the kids left, I and Hubby walked over and enjoyed watching these beautiful creatures! Here are some pics from the park!


All in all awesome week!

On a side note, some must-watch comedies on Netflix Canada: Master of None and Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King





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