Busy bee.

Things are getting hectic, which is a good thing!

My baby brother will be visiting me today! He’s driving in from Ontario….which means he has been driving for the past 3-4 days across the country. He’s making this visit not only to see me but to bring all my boxes, my bike and personal items from home since I will be here in BC long term with husband.

I have a few things planned. Wish I could spend more time with him but I have studying to do (get to that in a bit). We are going to visit the Abbotsford Tulip Festival tomorrow morning. Best time to go during the week and in the morning. Fewer people walking around, best view, best pictures! Rain in the forecast -we’ll take an umbrella!

A week ago I was notified that I was accepted into a clinical assessment program in BC for international medical graduates. They offer 200 seats for this assessment program in all of Canada. This CAP assessment is mandatory to even be considered for an interview at Univ of British Columbia’s residency programs. So the higher you score the better your chances at an interview!

It’s an OSCE-type exam. There won’t be mock-patients to speak to and do physicals on, but we will be sitting one-on-one with an examiner, 6 stations (if I remember correctly) and we will be given patient scenarios we will need to provide DDX, labs, mx and tx, counseling etc, for each scenario.

This is the FIRST YEAR they are doing a one day assessment! Previous years assessments have been rotations in hospitals (4 weeks long!) and at the end of the rotations, you were given an evaluation score. Needless to say I am nervous! My exam is in the first week of June and I don’t have too much time to prepare for this. Found a study buddy and got to get cracking at this!

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