One pot noodles

Had my first day of anesthesiology. Very fun! Many epidurals today, learned a lot! Wonderful teacher! Practice intubating with a manikin, looking forward to doing some real ones soon.

Long day so all I wanted to do was come back and make something quick….and used this recipe and dumped everything into a pot!

One pot. Whole wheat 3 minute noodles, 1 miso cube, carrots, red pepper, peanut butter, sriracha, nutritional yeast, water, black pepper. Boil. Done. 🙂

Thought of the day: do you allow a stranger to use your cell? I was on the bus coming back from the hospital and a random lady asked if she can use my cell to make a call? Hers was not working she said. Well, obviously I was hesitant ….and I was getting off in two stops. I said OK but only if I dialed the number she wanted to call. She quickly used it and gave it back to me. Weirded me out though, I was on alert if she jumped out of the bus with my phone.

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