Compassionate doctor.

My thought of the day:

Training under a compassionate and caring physician is a wonderful thing. I learn so much, not only about medicine, but also patient care that I hope to carry forward in my own medical career.

Patients really appreciate:

  • callbacks of labs/results that are negative too! It gives them a sense of relief.
  • follow up calls to patients who were put on new tx to see how they are tolerating it….are their sx getting better or worse? Should they come back in sooner rather than later?
  • follow up calls to patients who had to be sent to the ED directly from the clinic – how are they now? what tests have been done? how are they feeling?
  • home visits to elderly patients who cannot make it into the office
  • always being respectful of whether the patient is comfortable with a student in the room
  • being a good listener to the patient in front of me right now, even when the whole day is filled with back to back patients
  • doctor-patient confidentiality!!! What you tell me in this room stays in this room (unless you plan on hurting yourself or someone else).

Please share anything else that may come to mind..:)

A helpful website: I am weak in my EKG knowledge. My ED observership doc  back in ON would recommend this site:

I found a fun app: Clinical sense, download it off of the Google play store. It goes through a story where you are physician seeing a patient in your office. As you go forward in the story you make clinical decisions for their mx and tx. They get better or worse depending on what you do. It’s kind of entertaining and you learn at the same time!

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