Long distance relationships!


From: http://www.boredpanda.com/what-its-like-to-be-in-a-long-distance-relationship-viola-wang/

Looking back I cannot believe how much my husband & I have been through together, even though most of the time in these five years we have lived apart. Long distance is painful when we are missing each other a lot but it is definitely doable when we BOTH want it to work.

  • constant communication, trust, and love
  • many many emails, text messages, phone calls, gchat/videochat/whatsapp
  • car trips, bus rides and flights to meet each other when we can
  • being supportive of each other’s goals and dreams
  • not holding grudges, laughing a lot together
  • setting a date to close the distance and working towards it together
  • A few pages that helped me:

He has supported me through so much: my board exams, interviews, happy and disappointing times, providing tough love when I mope, discussing and helping me research my next step to further my medical career, supporting my move from ON to BC knowing that we would be further apart than before (500 km to 4000 km)! I feel truly blessed.

In a few months, V & I will finally be able to close the distance and start our married life together. It’s an exciting thought to know that I can soon see my husband and hug him every day instead of having a relationship through/with my laptop! 🙂

I’ve also added our Marriage page to my blog!

Happy weekend!!

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