Priceless Advice…


My attending physician looked me straight in the eye today and gave me some very important advice. ALWAYS remember your nurses’ names. They will make or break you. 

I felt very embarrassed. I called a nurse by the wrong name today. YIKES! I have been so busy trying to make sure I did well with my patients and attendings that I did not use my brain cells to remember the nurses’ names. We talk, we smile and we have polite conversations, I even buy Timbits for the whole staff, but why didn’t I remember their names?! No excuse! It’s the polite thing to do. 

The family resident who sat beside me, waited until our attending physician left and then said empathetically, “Want me to give you a cheat sheet?” I then proceeded to write down everyone’s names. Not kidding. I will not forgot……and I make fun of my Dad for forgetting names…yikes!



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