Continue to have fun!

When we have a career goal and go out to achieve it we’re bound to face obstacles and not meet the “timelines” we set for ourselves.

  • By my early-20s I will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in ____
  • By my early-30s I will graduate from medical school and start working as a physician..
  • and…then I will join a fellowship program at a prestigious school in ____
  • After that, I will pursue groundbreaking clinical research…

The list continues. By the time we reach our early and mid-30s we realize…hmm….it didn’t really happen the way we had it all planned out now. Ok, I get it, it’s upsetting…it WAS upsetting for several years. Then I realized, well actually my to-be fiancé (years ago) asked me – are you happy? Have you still been enjoying your life through this process? The answer was, no, because I felt guilty.

We can chase after our career goals and work hard, but are we still enjoying our lives along the way? Life truly is short and I don’t want to be 50 or 70 and think, man…I could have done x, y, and z in the process!

Surround yourself with positive people. Socialize, date, meet your soulmate, get married and have multiple receptions! Explore, go on that trip (doesn’t have to be a fancy expensive one) and enjoy it to the maximum! Hike, bike, paint, read a novel, dance! Listen to music and attend concerts! Take up classes – music, baking, meditation, learn a new language! Make happy memories. Laugh. A lot. & DON’T FEEL GUILTY

It’s good for the mind, body, and soul.

I will leave you with a wonderful video:

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